As a wholesale food supplier company, DYNAMIC TRADING EXPORT LTDA gives you the opportunity to purchase frozen foods from Brazil and we equally export. We also offer you services to distribute these in more than 100 countries around the globe. With our experience, we are one of the best food suppliers in the world. We are renowned for being a reliable partner that offers high-quality products and brands. We provide professional service in every aspect of your business, including our packaging, quality control, documentation, logistics, and customer service. 

Our Featured Products (Halal)

Supplier of Brazil Chicken food

Quality, Food Safety, Animal Welfare and Sustainability

  • One stop, full-service partner for food distribution companies since 2018.
  • Full range; Wholesale Suppliers of poultry products; fries, frozen chicken breast, legs, breast, wings etc.
  • Sourced from all major production regions in the world.
  • Shipped to any port in the world.
  • From a single pallet to full container load deliveries.

Nutrition for Poultry Products

Poultry products require different nutrients that are essential to life, growth, production and reproduction. Nature provides most of the nutrients in the form of bugs and insects, gravel, grains and seeds, sunshine etc.  But sometimes these are not enough. There are several other forms of nutrients that can be provided like; Water, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Minerals, Vitamins etc.

The lean protein in chicken is an excellent source of amino acids. Our bodies use amino acids to build muscle tissue, something that is particularly important as we age. Studies have also shown that higher protein intake helps to maintain bone mineral density.

We are an Ideal Wholesaler of Chicken

Food Safety, Food Quality, Reliability and Sustainability

  • Scale, flexibility and a wide range of food experience
  • Allowing customers and suppliers to fulfill their requirements efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Local knowledge allied with global spread
  • Long-term relationships that are appreciated by all parties
  • Guaranteed and audited food-chain safety
  • Economical handling and efficient transportation worldwide
  • Proactive development of new markets
  • Your partner for joint business and product development
  • Reliable worldwide network serving more than 90 markets
  • Serving retailers, foodservice-distributors, commodity wholesalers, importers, and manufacturers
  • Sourcing of Quality Products from major production areas throughout the world
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